Хотел Хелиос Балчик

Helios Hotel

It is a pleasure to be on the first line and just a step from the sea. Helios is a hotel with a restaurant and а свимминг pool in Balchik. It has 59 rooms and different room types. On its territory you will find a restaurant with a summer garden, a spa salon, a swimming pool and a bar. The youngest guests they can use a playground for carefree games. Hotel Helios provides all the conditions for an excellent summer vacation.
At the beach
Helios hotel is situated on the sea shore and has a direct access to the beach.
Open location


Margo`s House Restaurant

The “Margo`s house” restaurant has 130 places in a specious garden. The menu is a combination of BBQ and the dishes according to the recipe of our grandmothers. In the evenings You may enjoy our live music.


Golf players have a unique opportunity to combine a sea holiday with family or friends and a game of golf.
There are three golf courses not far from the hotel: “Lighthouse Golf”, Thracian Cliffs Golf”, “Blacksea Rama Golf”
Helios hotel offers the full package of services related to this interesting game
Accommodation, meals, airport and golf transfers, reservations, equipment, golf courses.

Reviews and awards

Summer is time for really funny things
Spa salon “Helios”
We offer You facial and body massages, beauty treatments, hairdresser, fish spa and more
Yacht trip
There is a luxury yacht our guests can rent for trips in beautiful bay of Balchik
Live music
Every evening at“Margo`s house”restaurant You may enjoy the live music
Evening animation
Our dancing waiters willtake care for Your good mood

Places of interest

The Botanical garden and the Palace in Balchik
Cape Kaliakra
Aladzha monestery

Bulgaria is a country that boasts amazing nature and many charming places. Among them are the Botanical Garden and the Palace in Balchik, which are united in an architectural and park complex. This piece of earthly paradise, adorning the northern shore of the Black Sea, once fascinated even the Romanian Queen Maria of Edinburgh, and she decided to turn the place into her summer residence.

The complex has many buildings and facilities – detached villas, winery, electrical power station, fountains, monasteries, courtyards and paths. Behind the Palace are the extensive Botanical Gardens. They are interconnected and are decorated with many beautiful roses, cacti, magnolias and more

The complex is open all year round, including weekends.

Work time
Monday - Sunday
08:00 - 20:00

Cape Kaliakra is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Northern Bulgaria. It is no coincidence that this is one of the top destinations in our country. Situated on the Black Sea coast, Cape Kaliakra provides a view that can captivate any visitor of the area

The rocky peninsula is located in the southeastern part of the Dobrudzha plateau, 12 km. from Kavarna and about 35 km. from Balchik. Cape Kaliakra is a nature and archeological reserve and is presented as one of the 100 national tourist sites. Its name comes from Thracian and then from Greek and means “beautiful nose”. In addition to the amazing view, visitors can also see the museum, which is housed in one of the caves carved by water over the centuries. On the promontory there is also a temple called “St. Nikola ”, a fortress, a lighthouse, as well as the emblematic arch, which offers a charming view of the sea

Work time
Monday - Sunday
09:00 - 21:00

Aladzha Monastery is one of the most famous medieval rock monasteries on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, which was inhabited by hermit monks in the 12th – 14th century. There is an opinion that the temple is part of an extensive rock cult complex on the territory of Northeastern Bulgaria. The premises of the monastery are carved on two levels in almost 40 meters high limestone rock

The name of the monastery is of Persian-Arabic origin and means “colorful“ and its Christian name is unknown.

In 1968 the monastery was declared an architectural monument of antiquity and the Middle Ages of national importance

Work time
Monday - Sunday
09:00 - 17:00

Yaylata – a national archeological reserve near the village of Kamen Bryag

Yaylata is a place that attracts both nature lovers and people interested in history and archeology. In 1989 it was declared a national archaeological reserve. The complex is located near the village of Kamen Bryag and less than 20 km. from the town of Kavarna. The distance from Balchik is about 42 km.

Yaylata is a coastal terrace, which is separated from the sea by high rock massifs. The reserve starts from the northern part of the village of Kamen Bryag and extends to the south to the resort complex Rusalka.

The name of Yailata is of Turkish origin and means “high pasture”. Numerous monuments are located on the territory of the reserve, as well as a “cave city”, which is believed to have been inhabited in the 5th millennium BC

Work Time
Monday - Saturday
09.00 - 12.00; 13.00 - 17.00
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